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our commitment

  • Delivering functionally superior and aesthetically compelling solutions.
  • Creating harmonious spaces where sound and vision intersect.


At 3dbAV, our process starts with listening to YOUR vision.

  • In-depth consultation to grasp client goals and site-specific needs.
  • Collaborative approach with stakeholders for a comprehensive project understanding.


  • Detailed planning and advanced acoustic modeling for optimized solutions.
  • Iterative development, integrating designs with architectural aesthetics.


  • Innovative, customized concepts tailored to each unique space.
  • Focus on sustainability, client engagement, and future-ready designs.

our founder

Robert Maria is an accomplished acoustics consultant, physicist and a part time sound engineer, and the visionary founder of 3db Audio Visual, a distinguished firm in the field of architectural acoustics and audio-visual design. With his extensive technical expertise and innovative approach to design, Robert has positioned 3db Audio Visual at the forefront of the industry, particularly in the Southern Indian market.

Beginning his career in Sydney, Australia, Robert gained invaluable experience in AV engineering. His work in Australia, which included involvement in large scale federal projects and development roles, laid a solid foundation for his expertise in the AV domain.

Upon returning to India, Robert Maria’s passion for audio, music, acoustic design led him to freelance and collaborate with various acoustic companies before establishing his own firm. His entrepreneurial journey was marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation, culminating in the founding of 3db Audio Visual.

Robert Maria holds a MS from the University of Sydney specializing in Audio & Acoustics Majors. Robert’s educational background is notable, having studied under eminent figures at the University of Sydney. His time under the guidance of Neville Thiele and other authorities in the field greatly influenced his professional approach and depth of knowledge.

At 3db Audio Visual, Robert Maria leads a team of dedicated professionals, offering a range of services from acoustic treatment in architectural spaces to cutting-edge audio-visual system design. His work reflects a unique blend of technical skill, creative vision, and an unwavering dedication to quality.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Robert also nurtures a personal passion for music, occasionally engaging in live sound engineering for select clients and playing drums for amateur bands. This blend of professional acumen and personal interest in sound and music underscores his holistic understanding of acoustics and sound engineering.

Robert Maria’s journey is a testament to his expertise, innovation, and leadership in the field of acoustics and audio-visual design, making him a respected figure and a driving force behind the success of 3db Audio Visual.